Everyone needs this ultimate fitness help

It is a recurrent challenge that anyone who wants either to trim body fat, build muscle, or even maintain a certain physique faces. Gyms are getting filled up every day and half of the members are still stuck in the trap they were in before coming to the gym.


Research has shown that 38 percent of Americans make resolutions related to weight and appearance. Surprisingly in 2014, the top resolution made was to lose weight, the 5thon the list was to stay fit while quitting smoking ranked 7th. After the research was concluded it was heartbreaking to learn that only 8% of the people who made these resolutions were able to achieve their aim.

So this is an opportunity to be faithful to that resolution you have been making for decades now, this guide will give you the ultimate fitness help that you have always looked up to.

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Do not let trends to catch up with you, every time of the year comes with a fitness trend that seems to be the Messiah, this will have you leaving your current fitness plan and jumping into the trending one, always make sure you set your goals clear and achieve them before switching plans. If you cannot do this, you will find yourself getting bored and less interested too quick in new routines.

In other words, if you want to lose weight drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and engage in at least 30 mins of walking at least 4 times a week, then if you want to be fit, start running 5km race or go to the gym for example.


Speak to people about your fitness goals so that you can find people of similar interests, even though you have people you work out with, you are not supposed to wait for anyone to wake you up early for morning jogs. And if you are in the gym and you think you need an extra push, then involve a personal trainer that you respect, because generally speaking, no one likes to fail their trainer.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

It is advisable to keep a record of your progress. There are many apps that assist in doing that, these apps can track your feeding habits and help you to keep your diet in check. You can also track your weight loss by using the bathroom scale or any other body measurement and as you do this, set small milestones, these milestones help you achieve small goals that sum up to mega achievements, when you achieve a big goal, give yourself a treat but just remember to keep up your healthy habits so that you continue to progress.



Most of you have done a lot of things that worked and a lot more that did not work, but there are some generally accepted things that always work and here is the top ultimate fitness help to get in the best shape:

  1. Daily Exercise: Find videos on YouTube or buy products that can help you do some home workouts every day, start slowly and as time goes on, you will find your body wanting to do more. two home workout systems with great reviews Bar Brothers  and BarStarzz.
  2. Try a new thing: sticking to one thing for a long time can be boring, and at a point, the particular part of the body that is constantly trained will become used to that workout. So it is advisable to change your routine at intervals so that at every step of the way, you will be interested in what you are doing.
  3. Sanitize your Diet: Always drink plenty of fluid, take in a lot of vegetables and avoid excessive intake of processed and canned food, this way you will achieve your goal faster. The 2 Week Diet is a diet program for rapid fat loss receiving great feedback.
  4. Be Prepared: it is very challenging to wake up and get out of bed especially during winter when your bed is warm, in order to avoid excuses, set a very loud alarm, sleep in your work out clothes and if you are so inclined buy new workout gear that you are eager to display in your next workout session.
  5. Sleep well: good sleep enhances and encourages working out, set a bedtime and make sure you adhere to it, and before you sleep, switch your phone to vibration mode.
  6. Make Fitness a Lifestyle: make fitness part of your life, let it not be a trend, don’t engage because someone else did or because it is trending.
  7. Follow a Social Approach: try and organize parties that start with a fitness program, call all your friends, have a run with them, you can call it “ The Chicago Run” train so that you are able to lead the team, with this you see your fitness lifestyle as fun and engaging.
  8. Follow on social media: follow established fitness gurus so that you can get the ultimate fitness help you need.
  9. Weightlifting: start lifting what you can handle and aim at improving every week, it helps keep the body in shape.
  10. Set your Alarm: Plan and set your workouts on your phone and calendar so that no matter how busy you are, you will be mentally ready to make the move.


This ultimate fitness help will assist you in reaching your goals. Stick to it and you will get the results you crave.